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To obtain a leading position that will enable me to take advantage of my broad experience and will involve interaction with clients. To help in the conception and launch of a new technology product or service that will be of significant value to the company. To be closely involved in the subsequent modeling and solution of such product, which may entail the analysis/mining of large volumes of data. To manage or supervise if required.

Summary of Qualifications
  • An extensive background in Computer Science, industrial R&D, project and team management in all aspects of database and information technology, as well as consulting experience with industrial and business clients in the security, e-commerce, financial and health care domains.
  • Able to guide clients in the transformation of an initial vague idea into a well-defined problem for which a solution can be formulated and attempted.
  • Able to present ideas, act as a thought leader, and conclude negotiations at the operational and executive levels of management.
  • Experience with the intellectual property development process and patent applications.
  • Excellent people skills.

Professional Experience

Turiya Media, San Francisco, CA


Chief Scientist, Founder

  • Leads the company's effort in modeling for business intelligence extraction from game data
  • Maintains external and outreach efforts with academia
  • Creates IP for Turiya Technology
  • Leads effort to obtain support from granting agencies

BUSINESS.COM, Santa Monica, CA


Lead Scientist, Information Retrieval

  • Introduced Information Extraction (IE) technology to automatically classify the stream of web pages produced by a crawler and the association of relevant pages with a faceted framework for searching, which is presented to users in the form of “catalogues” on a variety of topics.
  • Evaluated suitable technologies for IE, both commercial and open source.
  • Developed a clustering method for concept extraction and integrated it into the overall Information Retrieval architecture.

Risk Insight, Menlo Park, CA


  • Led the company’s modeling effort in the security domain.
  • Created and implemented a risk-based Model and Method for Automated Role Engineering for ERP Systems, particularly for SAP and ORACLE Applications that meet Sarbanes Oxley, SOD and other external auditing requirements. The method converts months of manual consulting efforts and a cost of possibly millions of dollars into one-two weeks of automatically producing results.
  • Applied the method to client projects along with a consulting firm specializing in this domain.

Admodum, LLC, San Francisco, CA


  • Launched a new venture in the domain of e-commerce.
  • Created technology and infrastructure for the intelligent disposition of excess inventory, via a controlled system of internet auctions, on behalf of large corporate clients.

Location Cubed Property Valuation Group, San Mateo, CA

Managing Partner

  • Launched a new, web services-based enterprise for high-precision automatic appraisal of collateral value for the real estate lending industry.
  • Integrated this service within the real-estate lending business process.

BEA Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA

Technical Director

  • Researched Web Services technology, XML-based protocols and standards for Web Services such as UDDI and ebXML.
  • Evaluated XQuery as a tool for data integration of web services in the context of BEA’s Web Logic product.
  • Researched auction systems and automatic negotiation methods for B2B market technology.

SurroMed Inc., Palo Alto, CA

Director of Informatics

  • Held overall responsibility for the creation of the information infrastructure of the company and the integration of its scientific, clinical and engineering data.
  • Was responsible for and participated in the adoption of new information technology and knowledge discovery methods in clinical studies and in the surrogate marker discovery process.

Hitachi America Ltd., R&D Division, Santa Clara, CA

Senior Manager & Senior Chief Researcher

  • Held technical management responsibility for the Information Technology Laboratory in the R&D Division.
  • Established a relationship with the Rush Presbyterian Medical Center and commenced a study on their internal data warehousing needs.
  • Developed a prototype system that was eventually deployed for operational use. Use of this system created savings in operational costs of $3M/year.

Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois

Senior Scientist

Consulted on the development of large-scale data-mining techniques in distributed sources of semi-structured documents.

Swiss Banking Corporation, Chicago, Illinois

Senior Staff

  • Involved in the application of deductive databases to enterprise modeling and financial engineering problems.
  • Developed a solution for the so-called “haircut” problem that had the potential of huge savings (order of $10M/night) in the required deposit of overnight funds in escrow.

Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corp (MCC), Austin TX

Technical Staff Senior Member, Deductive Computing Group

  • Involved in the research and development of object-oriented version of the Logical Data Language (LDL) system, the technology transfer of deductive database systems from MCC to its shareholders, the characterization of application areas for deductive database technology, and scientific database development in the area of molecular biology.

Team Leader, KBS Team, ACA/Database Program

  • Held overall responsibility for a team of 10 technical staff involved in the theoretical research, system architecture, and implementation of the LDL system.
  • Project specified the language, its syntax, and its formal semantics. Project also developed compilation techniques from the declarative specifications into an access plan for the stored data and designed and implemented a prototype deductive database system supporting these techniques.

IBM Scientific Center, Haifa, Israel

Technical Staff Member

  • Project Manager for the APE Expert System, a planning environment for advising students in their academic careers. Conducted necessary knowledge engineering with client (Bar Ilan University). Designed and implemented part of the system in PROLOG.
  • Conducted other research in logic programming languages and their application to database system design.
  • Served as adjunct professor at the Technion Institute.

Bell Laboratories, New Jersey

Technical Staff Member

  • Participated in the research, system design, and implementation of GEM – a system supporting a semantic data model on a relational database machine.
  • Conducted research in the performance of techniques for large-volume data placement and access.

Earlier Positions, Publications Academic positions with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA. For details and a list of publications, please see Academic Background

Recent Patents
  • US Patent 6,185,559, February 6, 2001. Method and apparatus for dynamically counting item sets. Brin; Sergey; Ramkumar; G.D.; Tsur; Shalom.
  • US Patent 6,173,280, January 9, 2001. Method and apparatus for generating weighted association rules. Ramkumar; G.D.; Ranka; Sanjay; Tsur; Shalom.

  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • M. Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
  • B. Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

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